Digital media company migme looks to triple its headcount in India

migme Limited, a Singapore-based digital media multinational backed by Chinese giants FIH Mobile (Foxconn) and imaging app specialist Meitu, plans to triple its India headcount in 12 to 18 months in a push to make India one of its key markets.”We see India at the forefront of the new digital age and we are very excited to co me here and play a part in this,” said Steven Goh, cofounder and CEO at Migme.”Social engagement is part of the Indian ethos and we want to create a product for this market that is deep rooted and understands the customer,” he told ET.The emerging markets-focused company currently employs about 12 people across two offices in Gurgaon and Mumbai offices.

migme has more than 40 million active users across the world, largely in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia. It delivers social entertainment services through mobile apps migme and LoveByte, and ecommerce services through Sold.