Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of migme Limited is responsible for the corporate governance of the company. The Board guides and monitors the business and affairs of the company on behalf of the shareholders by whom they are elected and to whom they are accountable.

The Board recognises the need for the company to operate with the highest standards of behaviour and accountability. The company has adopted the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, with some amendments where applicable after giving consideration to the company’s activities and development status.

Corporate Governance Statement

This Corporate Governance Statement of migme Limited (the ‘company’) has been prepared in accordance with the 3rd Edition of the Australian Securities Exchange’s (‘ASX’) Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Council (‘ASX Principles and Recommendations’) and is included in the company’s website pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 4.10.3. This listing rule requires the company to disclose the extent to which it has followed the recommendations during the financial year, including reasons where the company has not followed a recommendation and any related alternative governance practice adopted.

The company’s ASX Appendix 4G, which is a checklist cross-referencing the ASX Principles and Recommendations to the relevant disclosures in either this statement, our website or Annual Report, is contained on our website at

Both this Corporate Governance Statement and the ASX Appendix 4G have been lodged with the ASX. This statement has been approved by the company’s Board of Directors and is current as at 23 March 2016.

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ASX Appendix 4G

Key to Disclosures Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations

Date:  23 March 2016

Download the full ASX Appendix 4G